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RDX Solutions - Information Technology (IT) Solutions

The right network infrastructure is critical to business success, so why trust this vital function to anyone else? RDX Solutions, Inc offers the most innovative and efficient IT solutions available to keep your business moving in the right direction.

Information Technology Solutions

Business Network Infrastructure

Your business network infrastructure might not be the most exciting part of your business, but it is among the most important. It forms the very backbone of your operations, providing the tools and functions necessary to run the business day to day, month to month, and year to year. If any part of the infrastructure is not up to the demands placed upon it, the results are not good. Well-designed and well-maintained business network infrastructure is an excellent investment because it allows your business to function seamlessly and gives you a competitive edge.

RDX Solutions, Inc has the depth of experience and professional expertise necessary to address your infrastructure needs with innovation, creativity, and affordability. From bottom-up design to maximizing existing systems, we cover the full range of infrastructure solutions. In an industry with rapidly changing technology and equipment, we stand out from the competition by providing cutting edge solutions to businesses of all types and sizes.

  • RDX Solutions - Internet Consulting

    Network Analysis & Consulting

    How reliable is your network? Is it expandable and flexible enough to adapt to changing needs? Are you putting together a network for the first time and don’t know quite where to begin? RDX Solutions, Inc provides a comprehensive array of network analysis and consulting services. Our industry-leading professionals work closely with you to evaluate your current network, understand your current and future needs, and provide innovative solutions to meet those needs.

  • RDX Solutions - Website & Interface Design

    Network Planning & Implementation

    We are experts in the planning and implementation of business networks across all industries and business types. Our experts have the knowledge and creativity to design the right network for your needs, as well as the technical skills and focus on execution necessary to implement the plan effectively. From start to finish, RDX Solutions, Inc is committed to providing the excellence you demand and the value-added service you deserve.

  • RDX Solutions - Managed Hosting

    Phone Systems/Unified Communication Solutions

    Business phone systems can do much more than just allow you to take calls from customers. Modern technology allows us to create unified communication solutions that allow you to streamline both external and internal communications. Incoming customer calls can be automatically routed to the correct department, field personnel can stay in touch with the central office, and management can see comprehensive reporting on communication patterns, activities, and quality. RDX Solutions, Inc offers custom solutions for your business, regardless of size or industry.

  • RDX Solutions - Managed Hosting

    Dedicated & Shared Hosting

    The best-looking website on the net does you no good at all if it is not secure, functional, scalable, and affordable. RDX Solutions’ Dedicated & Shared hosting is the answer to businesses of all types and sizes looking for ways to be successful on the internet. We work with you to determine your specific needs and implement a managed hosting plan giving you the best available network, data, technical, support, and security features. RDX Solutions makes it easy and affordable to put your business on the web and keep it growing long term. Ask us about monthly maintenance packages and hourly billing options!

  • RDX Solutions - Web Marketing

    Centralized Storage Solutions

    As your business grows, storage of data, information, documents, records, etc., becomes a huge issue. You not only need to capture and store these items securely, you also need the ability to retrieve them quickly and efficiently. For most businesses, a centralized storage solution offers the best approach to information storage and security needs. RDX Solutions, Inc works with you to understand your storage needs and create a solution that fits your current situation while allowing enough flexibility to expand in the future.

  • RDX Solutions - Search Engine Optimization

    Document Management Solutions

    Your business success depends on much more than just selling products and services to your customers. No, your success depends on creating substantial value for your customers so they keep coming back to you over and over again. RDX Solutions, Inc offers the creative and technical solutions you need to ensure your customers receive not only the best product or service, but also the best value for their investment of time and money.

  • RDX Solutions - Database Design

    Content Management Solutions

    From websites to work flow, content management solutions are vital to helping your business operate more securely and efficiently. For instance, keep your website accurate and up to date by managing the roles and responsibilities of key users, allowing the right people to access the right content areas. Or, improve work flow processes by ensuring documents and tasks are properly routed for approval, action, and follow up. RDX Solutions, Inc brings substantial knowledge to this area and can help define and design the system that is best for you.

  • RDX Solutions - Custom Application Development

    Network Security

    Networked systems offer tremendous advantages to your business, but they also make your business vulnerable if they do not include appropriate security features. These vulnerabilities include potential attacks from external sources, damage or mischief caused by internal sources, leaking of proprietary or confidential information, and the like. RDX Solutions, Inc has the expertise to evaluate and secure your network, protecting it from vulnerabilities while still maintaining user-friendly functionality.

  • RDX Solutions - E-Commerce Solutions

    Spam Filtering

    Spam is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today. Why? Because it can quickly bloat your network, slow it down, and prevent your business from operating smoothly. You need a spam filtering solution to keep out unwanted messages while allowing legitimate messages to pass through. As spammers become more sophisticated in their attacks, finding this balance becomes harder than ever. RDX Solutions, Inc is aggressive about staying on top of new developments in spam filtering, using our knowledge and expertise to create an effective, and efficient spam filtering solution for you.

  • RDX Solutions - E-Commerce Solutions

    Network Monitoring & Support

    Who takes care of your network? Who stands ready 24/7 to monitor network health and security? Who steps in to help when you want to add a new device, upgrade some software, back up your data, or launch a new application? The answers to these questions are critical, because they determine how well your network operates on a day to day basis. You can’t afford network problems, and that’s why RDX Solutions, Inc offers such a wide array of answers to your network monitoring and support questions. We’ll work with you to design and implement the best monitoring and support structures for your specific business needs.